** warnings:
src/leiningen/repl.clj:193:    (main/info "Warning: no nREPL dependency detected.")
src/leiningen/repl.clj:194:    (main/info "Be sure to include org.clojure/tools.nrepl in :dependencies"
src/leiningen/deploy.clj:115:      (main/info "WARNING: please set" key "in project.clj."))))
src/leiningen/jar.clj:57:        (main/info "Warning: skipped duplicate file:" relative-path))
src/leiningen/jar.clj:201:   (main/info "Warning: specified :main without including it in :aot."
src/leiningen/new/templates.clj:166:      (main/info (str "Could not create directory " dir
src/leiningen/trampoline.clj:55:    (main/info "Warning: trampoline has no effect with :eval-in-leiningen."))
src/leiningen/javac.clj:89:                  (.println java.lang.System/err (apply str msg#))
src/leiningen/deploy.clj:44:      (println "No credentials found for" id "(did you mean `lein deploy clojars`?)")
src/leiningen/deploy.clj:45:      (println "See `lein help deploy` for how to configure credentials.")
src/leiningen/run.clj:79:              (println (str "Can't find '" '~given "' as .class or .clj for "
** known interactive:
src/leiningen/repl.clj:207:      (do (main/info "nREPL server started on port"
src/leiningen/repl.clj:254:                           (->> (main/info "Connecting to nREPL at"))))
src/leiningen/new/template.clj:13:    (main/info "Generating fresh 'lein new' template project.")
src/leiningen/new/default.clj:20:    (main/info "Generating a project called" name "based on the 'default' template.")
src/leiningen/new/default.clj:21:    (main/info "To see other templates (app, lein plugin, etc), try `lein help new`.")
src/leiningen/new/app.clj:18:    (main/info "Generating a project called" name "based on the 'app' template.")
src/leiningen/new/plugin.clj:16:    (main/info (str "Generating a fresh Leiningen plugin called " name "."))
src/leiningen/classpath.clj:21:     (println (get-classpath-string project)))
src/leiningen/show_profiles.clj:15:          (println)))
src/leiningen/repl.clj:74:                :welcome (list 'println (slurp (io/resource "repl-welcome")))}
src/leiningen/repl.clj:142:        (println "nREPL server started on port" port# "on host" ~(:host cfg) (str "- nrepl://" ~(:host cfg) ":" port#)))
src/leiningen/repl.clj:150:                 (catch Exception e# (println e#) (ns ~init-ns))))
src/leiningen/repl.clj:154:                    (println "Error loading" (str ~n ":")
src/leiningen/deps.clj:22:  (println (apply str (repeat (* 2 level) \space)) (pr-str dep)))
src/leiningen/deps.clj:61:    (println status (pr-str dep))))
src/leiningen/new.clj:92:    (println (:doc resolved "No documentation available."))
src/leiningen/new.clj:93:    (println)
src/leiningen/new.clj:94:    (println "Argument list:" (or (:help-arglists resolved)
src/leiningen/help.clj:147:  ([project task subtask] (println (or (static-help (str task "-" subtask))
src/leiningen/help.clj:149:  ([project task] (println (or (static-help task) (help-for project task))))
src/leiningen/help.clj:151:     (println "Leiningen is a tool for working with Clojure projects.\n")
src/leiningen/help.clj:152:     (println "Several tasks are available:")
src/leiningen/help.clj:154:       (println (help-summary-for task-ns)))
src/leiningen/help.clj:155:     (println "\nRun `lein help $TASK` for details.")
src/leiningen/help.clj:156:     (println "\nGlobal Options:")
src/leiningen/help.clj:157:     (println "  -o             Run a task offline.")
src/leiningen/help.clj:158:     (println "  -U             Run a task after forcing update of snapshots.")
src/leiningen/help.clj:159:     (println "  -h, --help     Print this help.")
src/leiningen/help.clj:160:     (println "  -v, --version  Print Leiningen's version.")
src/leiningen/help.clj:162:       (println "\nThese aliases are available:")
src/leiningen/help.clj:165:           (println (str k ": " explanation))
src/leiningen/help.clj:166:           (println (str k  ", expands to " v)))))
src/leiningen/help.clj:167:     (println "\nSee also: readme, faq, tutorial, news, sample, profiles,"
src/leiningen/search.clj:81:    (println " == Showing page" page "/"
src/leiningen/search.clj:84:      (println dep description))
src/leiningen/search.clj:85:    (println)))
src/leiningen/search.clj:123:      (println (format "Searching over %s..." (.getDescription field)))
src/leiningen/search.clj:153:               (println "Updating the search index. This may take a few minutes...")
src/leiningen/version.clj:8:  (println "Leiningen" (main/leiningen-version)
** success
src/leiningen/uberjar.clj:147:       (main/info "Created" standalone-filename)
src/leiningen/pom.clj:390:       (main/info "Wrote" (str pom-file))
src/leiningen/jar.clj:261:      (main/info "Created" (str jar-file))
src/leiningen/jar.clj:292:         (main/info "Created" (str jar-file))
src/leiningen/with_profile.clj:63:        (main/info (format "Performing task '%s' with profile(s): '%s'"
src/leiningen/with_profile.clj:69:            (main/info
src/leiningen/with_profile.clj:74:              (main/info (.getMessage e))
src/leiningen/compile.clj:128:                     (println "Compiling" namespace#)
src/leiningen/test.clj:85:                            (println "lein test :only"
src/leiningen/test.clj:91:                            (println "lein test" (ns-name (:ns m#))))
src/leiningen/javac.clj:93:         (println "Compiling" ~(count files) "source files to" ~compile-path)
src/leiningen/check.clj:19:                         (println "Compiling namespace" ns#)

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